Welcome To Project Honor

Project Honor is a youth-led, community minded service project that seeks to honor our healthcare heroes by providing a way that you can honor them through the writing of kind and appreciative messages.

What Types Of Messages Can I Send:

Typed Messages

Messages that you type on a form for our healthcare heroes which we will then send over to our healthcare heroes.

Photo Messages

A Message that you hand write and/or draw. You will then take a picture of it and we will send it over to our healthcare heroes.

Video Messages

A message that you will say over video. You will then send us a recording which we will send over to our healthcare heroes.


Make sure your messages are:

  • Kind and Thankful. Our Healthcare Heroes are working so hard during these complex times during the coronavirus pandemic. Remember to be kind and thank our Healthcare Heroes for all of the work that they are doing.
  • From Our Healthcare Heroes’ Point Of View. Truly try to understand the sacrifices they are taking to advance public health, like staying away from their families. Also, recognize their hard work and tremendous effort in your messages

Remember to:

  • Take Your Time. Show these healthcare heroes your appreciation. Be Creative and design your cards beautifully with color and more. If you are writing a message, think of ways you can show your appreciation through the written word. Resources like Canva can help make your card beautiful.
  • Respect Your Privacy. Don’t include personal information like your address or phone number. You can also choose to stay anonymous or use your real name. If you are using your real name, it is advised to only use your first name.
  • Include elements like, quotes, tidbits about yourself, and the reason you wanted to show your appreciation for our healthcare heroes in your letter. Make sure that all of your messages are different.
  • Tell An Adult. Get your parent or guardian’s permission before volunteering

If you would like to volunteer, press the button below to fill out our volunteer form! We will then email you with more information and details on how you can get involved.

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